Mission & Vision (Twin Centre Minor Hockey)

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  St. Clements Arena
Phone: (519) 699-4143


Wellesley Arena Phone: (519) 656-2222



Central Ontario Regional Qualifying Tournament (Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget AE, Groups 3, 4 & 5)


Wellesley township is in the heart of rural Waterloo county and is home to 10,500 people. The township's farmland is some of the best in Ontario and produces excellent crops while providing an excellent environment for livestock. Wellesley township's towns include Bamberg, Crosshill, Dorking, Hawkesville, Heidelberg, Kingwood, Linwood, Paradise Lake, St. Clements, Wallenstein and Wellesley. The culture within the township is diverse with many of the people of Wellesley Township being Mennonite. Wellesley Township has many thriving businesses which add positively to the local and provincial economies. There is a large variety of social activities within the township with one of them of course, being hockey!


The Twin Centre Minor Hockey Association (TCMHA) is the combination of the former Wellesley and St.Clements hockey associations which amalgamated in 1994. The result is a team of committed volunteers that provide both recreational and competitive hockey for the township's children and young adults to participate in. In total, there are 280 players registered with Twin Centre which in turn, makes up 18 teams. Twin Centre is a "CC" Centre, as sanctioned by the OHMA. Twin Centre is also home to two International Silver Stick tournaments, which adds to the overall excitement of the hockey experience provided by the centre. We hope you enjoy your time while in our township and look forward to seeing you at one of our two arenas.